5 Top Carpet Maintenance Tips

Here are some tips to keep your carpets clean and in great shape.


Carpet Cross SectionWax - Use a hot iron over a towel to help remove it.


Grease - Use a grease cutting detergent for greasy stains, dishwashing detergent may suffice.


Chewing Gum - Freeze it with ice to make it brittle and break up.


Dab - Dab a stain with paper towel or sponge, do not rub. Rubbing grinds particles into the carpet making it harder to remove.


Deep Clean Regularly - Remove deeply embedded oil, grease and dirt by steam cleaning. Steam cleaning penetrates and deep cleans the way your domestic vacuum cleaner never can.


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New Hydro-Force CX-15 Rotary Wand

Hydro-Force CX-15 Rotary WandAn exciting new addition to our comprehensive equipment range is the Hydro-Force CX-15 Rotary Wand.

This wand clean close to walls and wood floors providing the benefits of all angle cleaning. With water pressures between 2,800 and 5,500 kPa and the high-speed spinning action of twin jets to make over 4,000 cleaning passes. Unlike traditional carpet cleaners, the CX15 can aggressively clean carpet fibers from multiple directions.

Clever design at the recovery opening improves water removal and leaves carpets cleaner and dryer than wand or rotary machine vacuuming.

This is perfect for commercial or residential tasks.


Check out the video below.

Why clean carpets regularly?

We know stained carpets look ugly, but why is it a good idea to have them cleaned on a regular basis? We have outlined five great reasons below:

  1. Carpets are a big investment and well worth looking after, regular steam carpet cleaning can significantly increase the life of carpets, significantly Read more about steam cleaning in our blog post here.
  2. Warranty. Most carpet warranties calls for regular carpet care with extraction method cleaning (steam).
  3. Carpets catch dust, dirt, pollens and mites. Regular vacuuming not only protects the carpet it also preserves air quality.
  4. Keeping the carpet clean helps it protect itself and stay clean.
  5. It not only looks good, it smells good.

Dubbo Carpet Cleaning Van

Steam Cleaning


Steam cleaning or "hot water extraction" is suitable for most carpets, in fact most carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning as the preferred method of carpet cleaning to thoroughly clean and prolong the life of the carpet.

First the carpet is high pressure vacuumed, then quality, non-toxic products that bond with the soil are sprayed onto the carpet. Water is then injected into the carpet with a high-pressure jet spray and to finish the water is vacuumed out.

Dirty Carpets

Dirty carpetDirty carpets can really detract from a room. Once a carpet is stained, regular cleaning is seldom enough to remove those deep down stains. McKay's Steam Carpet Cleaning in Dubbo offers a professional carpet cleaning service to remove even the most stubborn of marks and leave your carpets looking like new. Steam cleaning provides the most effective solution for cleaning carpets. We use a truck-mounted cleaning machine that runs on the power of the van. This enables us to clean multi-storey buildings without any loss of pressure. Our carpet cleaning equipment and products. Our quality upholstery and carpet cleaning products are non-toxic, so there’s no need to worry about harmful chemicals being used in your home or workplace.